Los Lonely Boys



November 8, 2018 | Thursday | 7:30 PM

Get your tickets fast as we proudly welcome Los Lonely Boys to the BPACC stage! The story of how Los Lonely Boys rode their bluesy Texas rock sound to worldwide fame is one of rock’s great Cinderella tales. Los Lonely Boys infectiously melodic mix of bluesy rock & roll with rootsy soul has long endeared their loyal fans. Flawless harmonies and soaring solos remain trademarks as they continue to soar. Los Lonely Boys have been chart toppers and critics' favorites since their single HEAVEN spent 76 weeks on the Billboard charts, reached Number One and earned them a Grammy.  Don’t miss Los Lonely Boys!

Los Lonely Boys


A singer and guitarist from Memphis, TN, He has done everything from session work for producers such as Jazze Pha, to leading sessions on Music Row, and even being featured on CMT’s Nashville, playing guitar for Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). He is mostly known for his high energy guitar playing with his band, The Anti-Heroes, or his solo performances on acoustic guitar, as well as his blues and jazz influenced trio.

Ping has been playing live since 2006 after finishing high school. Before he finished college, he was already teaching music and playing regularly in Memphis. Once he finished his studies he began playing for B.B. King’s Blues Club on three cruise ships while moving to Nashville.

Ping Rose

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