901 Notes: Mandi Thomas & Rodrick Duran

901 Notes Mandi

901 NOTES: Mandi Thomas & Rodrick Duran

APRIL 2, 2022 | 7:30 PM

A classically-trained singer, Mandi Thomas put her music career on the backburner to teach the upcoming generation. After two of her former students successfully competed on The Voice, Mandi realized that she should have the courage to push herself, too. In 2020, Mandi made it on as part of Kelly Clarkson’s team and wowed the audience with her melodic, powerhouse voice.

Rodrick Duran is a talented songwriter and vocalist whose voice can move mountains. His songs incorporate the best of the golden oldies to the soul of Motown and the passion of the pulpit with the groove of classic rock.

901 Notes Rodrick
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