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Michael Bollinger

Mr. Bollinger has followed his life’s calling as a director, actor and producer of cultural arts. He has served as director of theaters and performing arts centers in Missouri, Virginia, New Jersey and now Tennessee. He founded Mainstage Theatre, and proudly served as long-time artistic director of Missouri’s oldest professional theater – the Lyceum Theatre. He launched the 63,000 sq. ft. Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts, directed the South Orange Performing Arts Center in greater NYC, and the Louisa Arts Center where he grew attendance by 400%.

Mr. Bollinger has produced and/or directed over 200 full-scale theatrical productions, including the American regional theatre premiere of AIDA, and has presented over 500 concerts and events including Grammy, CMA, Emmy and Tony Award winning artists. His theater company was invited to perform at the Smithsonian Institution.

Michael’s creative work has been honored with a Missouri Arts Award presented by the Missouri Arts Council, a Governor’s Proclamation and a commendation from President Clinton. He is pleased to be named the new Director of BPACC, and to be a part of the greater Memphis arts community.

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